Work Platforms

Fugro GSL – Hinkley Point C – Avonmouth

A common requirement with most modular work access platforms on site is the need to use trained personnel to erect, modify and dismantle. This can quite often lead to inefficiency whilst waiting for externally sourced labour (e.g scaffolders) to action before work can commence/continue.

The brief was to design a system that would eliminate such inefficiency by introducing an innovative and adaptable solution, that could be used in various Crosshead locations on Avonmouth Jetty.

A modular approach meant that only 14no. standard components were required to achieve all 6no. configurations. A component selector table was developed by the design team to indicate the number of components required for each configuration. An illustrative user manual together with on site training provided the operatives with the necessary resources to safely install, modify and dismantle efficiently as required.

The system provided the client with an innovative modular access solution enabling their workforce to install, modify and dismantle safely and independently. This allowed efficient completion of the programme which was instrumental to the success of our first project for this valuable client.

The system in use on Avonmouth Jetty by Fugro/Costain Operatives
Trialling the access system in our workshop