Building (Facilitating the Repair of) Bridges (A Steel Jetty)

Valero Oil Refinery – Jetty Access System – Pembroke:

Notably more difficult than repairing a bridge, work out on a jetty presents specialised challenges; lack of solid surroundings to use for support, with all usual difficulties exacerbated by the out at sea environment. Fortunately, we believe that this task shouldn’t have to be hard; that we can make repairing a jetty as simple as a walk on the beach.  

A major factor considered was ensuring that our solution is as easy for the operatives to use as possible, granting them complete control as they work, while securing their safety.

The main multilevel platform provides freedom of access to each degree of steelwork that they need in order to complete their repairs. This platform is mounted onto our unique track and trolley system, which allows operatives to move with ease, and to set the system wherever necessary at their own discretion.

The platform is then covered with a fire-retardant encapsulation which keeps workers – who include welders and shot blasters – safe, as they complete their repairs. The covering also has a secondary, eco-friendly purpose, of preventing any debris from falling into the sea.

In addition, our design addresses another issue with access in such an awkward setting; the likely prospect of a lengthy and labour-intensive installation; Jasper Products completed the process in just two days. The modular, clip together nature of the design enables a rapid installation, without the need for bolts or drilling. The lightweight components are flat packed, quick to transport, and subject the jetty to as little strain as possible during the repair process.

Thanks to both Jasper Products’ design and the beautiful weather, the repair of Valero’s Jetty is going smoothly.

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