Access Solutions Accessibly Constructed

Fugro GSL – Hinkley Point C – Avonmouth:

Many modular access solutions carry with them the requirement that they must be assembled and disassembled onsite. Often, this will require a team of trained specialists, separate from a client’s own workforce, to be hired in; the schedule then becomes dependant on this third party. We think that this is inefficient; that we can do better.

The challenge then, is to design a way for a given client’s own workforce to install, modify and dismantle the access platforms without the need for externally sourced labour. Doing so in an accessible way would empower the client’s team to work to their own schedule and allow them more control of their own projects.

The system in use on Avonmouth Jetty by Fugro/Costain Operatives

Thus was the brief when working with Fugro GSL. First, we created a modular solution that could be used in various Crosshead locations along the Avonmouth Jetty. This modular approach meant that only 14no. standard components were required to achieve all 6no configurations. Our design team developed a component selector table that would indicate the number of components required for each configuration. Then, we put together an illustrative user manual and provided onsite training to the workforce, enabling the team to do the work that they otherwise would have had to hire external labour to complete. We gave the workforce everything they needed to modify, install, and dismantle the platforms themselves, with the simplest combination of components.

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